2008–2020: My Lessons in Digital Transformation

A blog by Subhobroto Chakroborty on digital transformation

The reason why I am a pro at digital marketing and help businesses smoothly undergo digital transformation is that I have seen the digital media and infrastructure grow with me.

At the risk of blowing my own trumpet, I want to put it on record that while my peers were either indifferent or dismissive of the digital ecosystem, I was actively learning from the daily changes.

Let’s begin.

2008: The Horrible Year of Recession

2008: The Watershed Moment in Digital Transformation

2008: The Sorry State of Indian Businesses and Their HR Policies

2008: My Professional Life

2008 was when I had touched rock bottom. It was the worst phase of my life. I had not received any salary for six months. I had no money for auto fare to reach my office. So, I would walk down. I was forced to sit in my office for 8 hours — I was one of the few who was not fired.

I saw that this was a new way of marketing that people were simply blind to. Where others thought it was a waste of time, I saw it as a learning opportunity. Those 8 hours of uninterrupted Internet helped me learn. I identified the areas I could learn about on SlideShare. I would download PowerPoint presentations, take screenshots, and use them in my presentations and share with others what I learnt from them.

2008: Lessons Not Learned

Let me share my observations/memories about what I saw my peers do at that time and what I see them doing today.

Did you belong to the category of people who didn’t even know these companies existed and were crafting cutting edge marketing innovations?

Did you belong to the category that found being online surfing the Internet a big waste of time?

Did you say “yes” when decisions were being taken to block these websites in offices?

And do you still hold the same beliefs?

2020 too showed us a glimpse of the same reality: organisations have accumulated a lot of unwanted fat in the form of human resources who do not add value to the company by bringing in any kind of digital training in their domain. The job losses have been very serious, more than the losses in 2008 of course.

I survived my midlife crisis in 2008. I feel for those who are going through theirs right now from 2020.

My question to you is: Where do you want to go from here digitally speaking?

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