Are You in a Career Trap & What Can You Do About It?

What is a Career Trap?

  1. You realise you are about to be let go by your company
  2. You realise you cannot move to another company with a hike
  3. You realise you cannot expect a job at another company at all — forget about a hike!
  4. You find yourself forced to accept a demotion or a salary cut in your company or move to another company with a pay cut
  5. All of these factors make you anxious and further interfere with your chances of doing better, moving ahead in life, and realising your potential
  6. You feel your skill is not relevant anymore. Traditional guys faced this in a digital environment too.
  7. In spite of picking digital crash course certificates industry still notice you,as you come from non digital background.
  1. Are 30–40 years of age
  2. Quickly climbed the corporate ladder of success
  3. Joined a family or relative’s firm (or any firm with the help of personal recommendations) with a higher designation
  4. Are qualified with the right degree (like MBA) but do not have enough experience in tackling business problems
  5. Jumped in terms of salary hikes and perks without demonstrating the accountability towards delivery and value addition to your company

How Are Experience and Career Trap Connected?

How Can You Fall into a Career Trap?

  1. Getting promoted faster
  2. Getting increments quite early
  3. Getting a higher designation sooner than normal
  1. One is the regular way in which experience is measured — the number of years. This is the part that’s the easiest to spot on your CV.
  2. The other is the wisdom you gain from those years. This is difficult to gauge. It manifests itself in the way you carry yourself and in the way you innovate or come up with solutions to problems.

Why Career Trap Is a Wide-ranging Phenomenon in the Digital Era

How Not to Fall into Career Trap

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